Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SLS is one of the original 3D printing technologies using thermoplastic powder and UV lasers to create prototypes and end use production parts.

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What is Selective Laser Sintering?

The Selective Laser Sintering process, also known as just laser sintering (LS), is best used for small to medium sized prototype parts and end-use production parts. SLS or LS is one of the oldest additive manufacturing technologies. It sinters thermoplastic powders with a UV laser to create pieces from engineered materials like nylon, glass-filled nylon, and others. Parts are typically rougher with a gritty finish but are tough and strong.


  • Nylon PA
  • Nylon GF (glass-filled)
  • TPU

Best Uses

  • Testing
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Durable Prototypes
  • Large Prototypes
  • End Use Production
  • Master Patterns


  • Economy of Scale
  • No supports
  • Thermoplastic powders
  • Testing with same materials
  • Complex Parts
  • Print full assemblies

Technical Information:

  • Part Size: Small to Large
  • Tolerance:  +/-.010” for the first inch, then +/-0.002 per inch after that
  • Build layers:  0.004” (100 microns)   
  • BuildsStyle:  Sintered powder
  • Supports:  No
  • Lead time:  4-5 days