New Product Introduction - NPI Launch Lab

The NPI Launch Lab focuses on refining the early development stages of new product manufacturing enabling more efficient full production.


What is New Product Introduction?

The recently established new product introduction contract manufacturing lab (NPI Launch Lab) offers companies the opportunity to manage their early-stage manufacturing needs in a flexible, agile workspace. This dedicated space includes 15,000 square feet off the production floor to help companies bring their ideas to fruition, with another 20,000 square feet available for expansion.

Our experienced manufacturing team will help customers bring their programs from prototyping to production. With a support team from Mack Molding – including supply chain and design for manufacturing services – Mack Prototype will work with the customer to create and manufacture alpha, beta, and low volume production builds. Additionally, onsite prototyping and machining allow customers to modify their parts on the fly and nimble document control that allows for quick engineering changes.

The goal of the NPI Lab is to help companies fine-tune their product design, bill of materials, work instructions, build plans, and assembly in a flexible workspace. Mack Prototype can easily handle and manage the changes during this start-up time. Ultimately, the NPI lab mimics the final production line set up for consistent, repeatable volume production. This includes digital work instructions on our Tulip MES system, which offers real-time, cloud-based data that ensures customers will never be far away from the production floor.

Once the design, work instructions, and assembly process are ironed out, volume production is needed. The approved vendor list (AVL), production line, and process can seamlessly move to Mack Molding’s production facility, dramatically reducing development costs and time transferring work from internal or prototype facilities to a different contract manufacturing partner.