CNC Machining

CNC machining of complex plastic and metal materials for prototype and low volume production.

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What is CNC Machining?

The CNC Machining process is used best for small to large production parts where parts require consistency, accuracy, and repeatability. CNC machining is a prevalent manufacturing process, often referred to as subtractive manufacturing, because it removes material to create a part using high-speed spindles and cutters. Material typically comes in sheets, blocks, bars, tubes, and rods for metal and plastic. Machining is also a commonly used process in secondary operations to take a molded or cast part from a near-net shape to the final piece to achieve tight tolerance and repeatable part accuracy.

Mack Prototype uses Surfcam and Solidworks software to create tool paths to quickly produce rapid prototypes and repeatable production parts.


  • Engineered Plastics: ABS, PC/ABS, PP, PE, PC, Acetal, Delrin™, Nylon, Glass Filled Nylon, and more.
  • Performance Plastics: Ultem™, PEEK, PPSU, and more

Best Uses

  • Small to Large Sized Parts

  • Low-cost parts

  • Thick parts

  • Tight tolerance requirements

  • Low to medium volume production parts

  • Secondaries for moldings and castings


  • Low part cost

  • No tooling

  • Part consistency and repeatability

  • Part accuracy

  • Wide range of materials

  • Plastics and metals

CNC Machining Equipment

  • Part Size: Small to Very Large (6ft+)
  • Mills: Bridgeport, Fadal & Partner
  • Lathes: Harrison
  • Grinders: Harig & Deckel