Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis creates 3D printed parts that are similar in strength and finish to injection molding.

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What is Carbon Digital Light Synthesis ?

Carbon DLS technology, using the digital light synthesis (DLS) processes, is best used for small to medium-sized prototypes and end-use production parts. Carbon DLS is a new additive manufacturing technology that 3D prints parts using digital light projection (DLP) with engineering-grade materials to provide injection molded like parts with a similar finish, strength, and material properties.

Carbon stands out due to the wide range of material offerings. Here are some of the most popular materials for production applications:

    • EPU 40 and 41 are similar to a 70 shore A TPU with either energy damping or energy return characteristics.
    • EPX 82 is used for high strength, rigidity and durability are needed.
    • RPU 70 is the most commonly used material because it mimics a production ABS material.


  • UMA 90
  • CE 221
  • EPU 40/41
  • EPX 82
  • FPU 50
  • IND 405, Clear
  • MPU 100
  • RPU 70
  • RPU 130
  • SIL 30

Best Uses

  • High resolution
  • High heat
  • Biocompatible
  • Fit and function models
  • Master patterns
  • End-Use production parts


  • Fast builds
  • Isotropic parts
  • Fully dense parts
  • Economy of scale
  • Molded-like surface finish
  • Engineered materials – rigid and elastic

Technical Information

  • Equipment:  M2 Printer
  • Part Size: Very Small to Medium
  • Tolerance:  +/-.003” for the first inch then +/-0.001” per inch thereafter
  • Build Layers:  0.001” to 0.004”  (25 to 100 microns)
  • Build Style:  UV Cured 2-Part thermoset polyurethane materials
  • Supports:  Yes
  • Lead Time:  4-5 days