Rapid Manufacturing Services

Wide range of manufacturing services available to match to the best solution for your project requirements.

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What We Do

Mack Prototype has over 20 years of experience in helping customers build complex rapid prototypes and rapid manufactured products using the latest technologies, materials, software and processes to create the most efficient design and manufacturing process for your product. Together with the rest of the Mack portfolio of companies, your part can go from design to prototype then scale in volumes from 1 part to millions of parts per year.

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

With the latest technologies (Carbon DLS, FDM, HP MJF, SLA, SLS) and a wide range of materials (elastic, flexible, rigid), Mack Proto provide a quick turnaround of 3D printed parts for prototyping, bridge production or low-volume production.

Urethane casting

Mack Proto has over 25+ years with creating Cast Urethane prototype and production parts from 1 to 100 or more per year. Urethane Casting is a great alternative for low-cost production of housings and covers.

CNC Machining

Mack Proto’s CNC programmers have over 25 years of experience machining complex metal and plastic prototypes, and production parts. The CNC team specializes in all plastic material machining, including performance materials like PEEK and Ultem™.

Plastic Injection Molding

Mack Prototype specialize in complex, precision, low-volume plastic injection molding production for medical, defense, industrial and consumer industries. The team is very familiar with processing standard and performance materials like PEEK, PPSU and Ultem.


With a full team of finishers, painters and assemblers, Mack Prototype can match the product requirements to give your parts the production finish needed whether parts are used in production or as marketing samples.

NPI Launch Lab

The New Product Introduction (NPI) Launch Lab was created to give customers a flexible workspace to fine-tune their new products, including development and optimization of DFMs, work instructions, BOMs and production lines.