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As an ISO 13485 medically certified production manufacturer with FDA, UL and ITAR registrations, our team is prepared to take on your challenging projects and requirements for Consumer, Defense, Energy, Industrial, Medical, and Robotic industries.

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Mack Prototype has over 20 years working to produce prototypes and production parts quickly using 3D printing, Cast Urethane, CNC Machining, and Injection Molding. We specialize in building prototype, bridge, and low volume production housings, covers, and component parts. As a custom manufacturer of metal and plastic parts, our team helps design your parts for manufacturing to reduce weight, cut lead times, and lower overall production costs for your product. Ultimately our goal is to find the best manufacturing solution for your product budget, timeline, design, and part requirements.













As an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices, our team produces production parts with the required documentation and processes to meet the stringent quality requirements for the Medical industry. Our injection molded process engineers are very familiar with validation and material processing requirements for a variety of materials ranging from Santoprene, Lexan Polycarbonate, Nylon, PC/ABS, and PP to performance materials like Carbon Fiber Filled and Glass Filled composites to high heat thermoplastics like PEEK, PPSU (RADEL) and PEI (ULTEM).

With our ITAR registration, we understand the need for highly engineered, repeatable, tight tolerance production of parts so that you can trust your part requirements are met when needed. Our team specializes in precision low volume manufacturing in volumes from one part to thousands of parts with molding and machining highly engineered plastics like PEEK, Ultem, Glass Filled Ultem, and Carbon Fiber Filled Ultem.

If there is a project outside of what we can do inhouse, it is nice to know that we have other divisions within our Mack family of companies that can support your needs including:

  • Engineering & Design with Synectic Engineering
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services with Mack Technologies
  • Full Contract Manufacturing and High Volume Small to Large Part Injection Molding with Mack Molding