HP Multi Jet Fusion for Milton, Massachusetts

Milton, Massachusetts HP Multi Jet FusionMack Prototype is headquartered in Gardner, MA, and is a go-to resource for companies looking for a prototyping partner that’s well-versed in the latest rapid prototyping technologies. One such prototyping method, HP Multi Jet Fusion, enables the rapid production of small- to medium-sized prototypes and end-use parts.

HP Multi Jet Fusion for Milton, Massachusetts, is a prototyping process developed by HP to create 3D-printed prototypes and low-volume production parts. This method combines powdered thermoplastic materials with a liquid bonding agent to create isotropic, injection-molded-like parts with a similar finish, strength, and material properties. During the process, inkjets print the part layer-by-layer, a feature that gives the process its name. At a thickness of 0.003”, these layers are extremely thin and difficult to see with the naked eye.

Although one of the newer prototyping technologies on the market, Milton, Massachusetts area HP Multi Jet Fusion produces reliable, detailed, and quick parts from nylon glassbead, nylon PA 12, TPU, and PP. Because of these benefits, parts created through this process are well-suited for applications that include:

  • Fit & Function Models
  • Show Models
  • Master Patterns
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • End-Use Production Parts

Versatile HP Multi Jet Fusion near Milton, Massachusetts, is relied on by companies in automotive, medical devices, consumer goods, and many more industries. In addition, there are no supports used during the printing process, and the completed part can be dyed various colors depending on the part’s specifications.

With comprehensive technologies and manufacturing services in-house, Mack Prototype is a reliable and knowledgeable one-stop shop for your most critical prototyping and low-volume production needs. To learn more about HP Multi Jet Fusion or to evaluate if the technology is a good fit for your production needs, contact the experienced team at Mack Prototype today.